Welcome to the B.C. Beeman, North website. We hope that we can be helpful in your building endeavors. We have tried to make the site as easy to use in allowing you to see our completed projects and understanding who we are, what we offer and how we evolved. We are capable of any building project from very small to very large and most anything in between. We are very experienced in helping to determine what you need, and best ways of accomplishing the desired results and doing so while being mindful of cost, customer needs and fears and the environment.

We strive to make your project one that you can be as proud of as we are and one that you are confident is built and finished with a nod to practicality, durability and appearance. We do projects as small as re-roofs, new door and window retrofits, bath and kitchen remodels, finishing cellars and siding and trim makeovers. We also do very large jobs, like the private equestrian center with indoor riding arena, pool and fitness areas, kitchen and dining facilities, office and apartment and of course, the stalls, tack areas and the viewing room.

Some of what we have built has been designed by us, but we deal with architects, designers and the homeowner's plans and prints as well. Much of what we do involves residential structures, their design, construction, remodeling or additions. While new technologies have emerged and continue to rapidly, the art of incorporating the new with the old is ever so important. As our world changes and our lifestyles and families change with it, we try to blend those needs and tastes with the realities of affordability, common sense and pleasantness to the eye.

When we finish a project we hope that it looks like we were never there and that it blends well with its natural environment, but most of all, we want our clients to be happy that we gave them what they asked for. The proof is in the pudding, as the saying goes, and in construction that means that the structure can be enjoyed the way it was meant to be. We take our work seriously. We strive to better ourselves by staying abreast of the new building codes, both locally and nationally. We read and review the major trade publications and real estate trends to assure you that we have the knowledge you need to make informed decisions.

Most of all, we care that our projects endure. A huge part of what we do could not be done without the help of others. That is why we use tried-and-true subcontractors who have the knowledge and the skills, along with the pride, to perform and complete their work in their specific trades. All of us together bring our projects to successful completion so that our customers are confident they received excellent value for their money. Enjoy the site. Happy browsing and call with questions. Thanks for visiting and we hope we can help in your building projects.

Member Northern Vermont Home Builders & Remodelers Assn.

Fairfax, VT 849-6874 Greg Beeman