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Greg Beeman is the Owner and President of B.C. Beeman North Building and Remodeling, LLC. It is a small company located in Fairfax, Vermont. The business has an office and small shop located next to my house. Most of the work that we do is performed offsite or at the actual jobsite. Fairfax is located close to the border of Chittenden, Franklin and Lamoille Counties so that our business and work comes from  all three. Smugglers’ Notch Ski Area is about fifteen minutes away, as is St. Albans. Burlington is about twenty-five minutes, as is Lake Champlain and Stowe when the notch is open. It is an area that is spectacular in it’s natural beauty and the pride and determination of its people and the diversity of its culture is remarkable.                  

How did I get here...Well, it’s a story and I didn’t take the normal routes but I am happy that I took the ones I did for the people and places I’ve experienced along the way. I was born in Windsor, Vermont but moved to Springfield, Massachusetts with my family when I was four. While in Junior High and High school I enjoyed mechanical drawing and drafting courses and enjoyed designing things. While in high school I worked for a couple that owned a paint and wallpaper store. I learned the retail parts of the business from them and started to learn the actual skills of painting and wallpapering. I went to a local Community College but came out after a semester and decided to work full time at the store and picked up jobs on the side through the store. My first good-size side job was re-painting and papering a second home in Dummerston, Vermont for a professional couple from Springfield. Went well and I enjoyed the challenges and the customer s were happy.  

While working at the store I also started coaching little league with some friends and started to learn how to downhill ski. A few night classes along the way I was still playing guitar and singing ,or at least trying to, but I was hooked on skiing and had met some people who wanted to go in on a ski house rental. Winters are slow in paint and wallpaper so I asked for January through March off and they were happy to oblige at the store. I started to work at Stratton Mountain for three winter seasons working the lifts first and then moving on to snowmaking.       

Upon returning one spring I knew I didn’t want to come back to the store and decided to move to Cape Cod. A death and a heart attack had changed things dramatically at the store so I stayed until a relative was trained enough to step in. At the ripe old age of 22 I was headed to Cape Cod. I had missed the summer season but this actually helped me find work easier. I met the brother of a good friend, Bob Glover, and he mentioned that he might move too. He did, we got along well and we found a place to rent. I started working for the Red Jacket Inns, busing, waitering, bartending, bellman and sometimes the front desk. A great company to learn from and great people to work with. Meanwhile, Bob had picked up a job as a carpenter’s helper on a waterfront hotel project.  

I left the hotel industry to take a job as a carpenter’s helper with Donald Harkenrider Custom Builder of Yarmouth. I learned a great deal with them and the majority of the work was on custom homes in Barnstable, Yarmouth and Dennis. At a point Bob and I realized that we were good workers and good craftsmen  and a good team and we decided to become partners and started B.C. Beeman, Building and Remodeling of E. Dennis. It worked, we endured doing framing, siding and remodeling for friends, family and former employers. Cape Cod, while beautiful, offers no skiing during the winter. We had met Carlos Mariscal through another friend and had started working part time as bartenders for him at a nightclub he owned on Ocean Street in Hyannis. Carlos was a precious metals trader with a large bank in Rhode Island. The more we got to know each other the more we liked each other and our relationships grew from there.                                                                                                                                        
I became manager of the nightclub and pub for Carlos and responsible for its operations in his absence. Promoting, scheduling, hiring and bartending as well. Trying to do this became harder while still trying to do my part with the building business. Bob became R. Glover Builder of Marstens Mills and I helped him when I could but he was on his own. One of the bands that played for us was one of the most popular groups in Vermont at the time, Downpour, from Burlington. Charlie Rice, the lead singer, suggested we go up to Smugglers’ Notch and get jobs for the winter and gave us a contact. We were all getting tired of no skiing on Cape Cod. We found a house, all got bartending jobs through the mountain and skied as much as we could. We worked Cape Cod in the summer and Smugglers’ Notch during the winter for a few seasons (four). What Bob and I hadn’t planned on was meeting our future wives there.      

I moved to northern Vermont permanently and Bob stayed on Cape Cod where he still lives in Cotuit with his wife and family and still owns and operates R. Glover Builder with a great many beautiful projects in his resume. After I married in 1984 my wife and I built our own house in Cambridge, Vermont and I worked for several construction companies and then in 1988 I started B.C. Beeman, North- Building and Remodeling. Framing and finish work were the largest parts of the work and remain so today.    

In 2009 I became a Realtor and a member of the National Realtors Association. The timing was right to take the time to learn and test and I am now a part of Dusty Trail Realty of Fairfax owned by Ann Lemieux as the Owner/Broker. B.C. Beeman, North is still my primary concern and we remain busy and have weathered the current economic storm intact and hopeful with an even greater respect for our  valued customers who continue to call. As formidable and uncertain as the future may be, I have great faith in our abilities, great pride in our accomplishments and great optimism for our future endeavors. All of this while realizing that I have great friends and family and helpful and knowledgeable building partners in my employees, subcontractors and vendors. To all of these people and more I owe a great deal. We stand behind our work and are proud of our commitment to our customers and to our craft.


Member Northern Vermont Home Builders & Remodelers Assn.

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